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Watermill Theatre

‘I’m not a king or a Wizard… but I do have a story to tell’

Meet Ben Bundle. He likes fishing and snorkelling, jumping off rocks and exploring the magical island of Bryher with his friends.

But after an accident leaves Bun blind, he fears his days if adventure are over. Until one day he is swept into the realm of his favourite story, the ancient legend of King Arthur, and Bun’s world changes forever.… Read More

GIRLS & BOYS, 2022

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Here For Now Theatre, Stratford Ontario, Crow’s Theatre Toronto

An unexpected meeting at an airport leads to an intense, passionate, head-over-heels relationship. Before long they begin to settle down, buy a house, juggle careers, have kids – theirs is an ordinary family.

But then their world starts to unravel and things take a disturbing turn.… Read More

JOSHUA (& ME), 2022

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Hope Theatre, Pleasance 10Dome, UK Tour

Hannah lives by the seaside with Mum, Dad, and two brothers, Ben and Joshua. The brothers are very different. Ben lets Hannah in his room, they play spies together, and, sometimes, he even gives her a hug. These things aren’t possible with Joshua. It’s like he speaks a different language.… Read More

I & YOU, 2021

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Burning Coal Theatre Company, Raleigh NC

I too am not a bit tamed—I too am untranslatable;
I sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world.”

I and You is a witty and uplifting portrayal of friendship, youth and living life to the full, and won the coveted American Theatre Critics Association’s New Play Award. … Read More


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Via Brooklyn Theatre Company, Online Streaming

A sacrificial son. Sisters with a shocking secret. A man on Death Row. Testament invites you to bear witness to the dark underbelly of The Good Book. A theatrical film set in modern day America, Testament explores the compelling re-imagining of four oft-forgotten Bible characters against a haunting score of gospel and blues as we behold how their lives have unfolded in today’s society.… Read More


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Brighton Open Air Theatre

“A long time ago, when the magic in the world, both good and bad, was not so hidden away as it is now, there was a man who made a mirror. And not just any mirror you might find in any downstairs loo. Oh no. This was a magic mirror. A bad magic mirror…”Read More