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Brighton Open Air Theatre

“A long time ago, when the magic in the world, both good and bad, was not so hidden away as it is now, there was a man who made a mirror. And not just any mirror you might find in any downstairs loo. Oh no. This was a magic mirror. A bad magic mirror…”Read More

ANGUIS, 2019

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Gilded Balloon Dining Room, Edinburgh Fringe

Cleopatra’s death by asp is a common myth, largely scientifically disproven. Set in a broadcast recording center, Anguis is an imagined conversation between the great pharaoh Cleopatra and a contemporary immunologist. Join us in the studio as we unpack Cleopatra’s story, exploring alternatives to the fetishised popular truth.… Read More


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VAULT Festival, London, SMOCK ALLEY, Dublin Fringe

The rest of his species was declared extinct.
His location is a closely guarded secret.
He is the last of his kind.

Vespertilio is a new play about love, loneliness, lies and bats. The story of one man’s obsession and the charming young runaway he meets in the dark.… Read More


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The Bunker Theatre, London

Remember, remember!
The fifth of November,
The Gunpowder treason and plot;

Roberta hasn’t been home in 12 years. Now she’s back. Just in time for bonfire night.

OIL AND MATTER is a play about trying to cross burnt bridges, and whether you can ever really go home again.

 … Read More


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The Other Palace Studio, London

“We have this night to speak out. Against a misogynist in power in America and a Vice President who doesn’t believe that he should have meetings alone with women. To a Prime Minister who says there’s no magic money tree and then finds a billion pounds to give to the DUP; an organisation that does not respect the LGBT community or women’s rights. That is what this response is for.” Artistic director of Ryan Forde Iosco… Read More