JOSHUA (& ME), 2022

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Hope Theatre, Pleasance 10Dome, UK Tour

Hannah lives by the seaside with Mum, Dad, and two brothers, Ben and Joshua. The brothers are very different. Ben lets Hannah in his room, they play spies together, and, sometimes, he even gives her a hug. These things aren’t possible with Joshua. It’s like he speaks a different language.

We have to learn about each other’s worlds, says Mum.

Mission accepted.

Full of laughter, love, and original music, Joshua (and Me) explores what it’s like to grow up in a house where, however loved you are, your needs are not your family’s first concern. As Hannah grows, so does her understanding of Joshua. We journey with her from seven to eighteen, when it’s time to leave home. But Hannah’s life has been moulded around the needs of her brother: “I don’t know who I am if I’m not his sister”. How can she find her way in a world where no-one knows, or cares, what it’s like to be Joshua’s sister?

Based on Rachel Hammond’s own life, alongside stories from other siblings, Joshua (and Me) provides permission and space for siblings to honestly and openly explore their experiences, too.


★★★★An absolute masterclass on the human experience that will leave you aching with love.” Everything Theatre

★★★★“A hugely powerful & impactful piece” – West End Best Friend

★★★★ “profound, compelling and an all-round beautiful piece of theatre” – Theatre and Other Things LDN

★★★★”A thoughtful and engaging production that tells the kind of story not heard often enough on stage.” – LondonTheatre1

★★★★ Reviewshub ★★★★ The Crumb


All performances include the following measures:

Ear defenders and cue sheets will be available from the box office.

Every seat has a pipe cleaner to fiddle with.

Audience members can come and go as they need.

Important information:

This show contains strong language and moments of loud noise towards the end of the show. Cue sheets will be available on request from the Box Office.

Written and performed by Rachel Hammond

Set and Lighting design by Carly Altberg

Sound Design and Stage Management by Sophia Beeby