THE SLEEPING SWORD by Michael Morpurgo, adapted by Tatty Hennessy (Watermill Theatre, 2022)

A GREAT BIG WOOLLY MAMMOTH THAWING FROM THE ICE by Tatty Hennessy (Burning Coal Theatre, Raleigh, North Carolina, 2022)

GIRLS AND BOYS by Dennis Kelly ((Here For Now, Falstaff Centre, Stratford Ontario, 2022)

BARRIER(S) by Eloise Pennycott (National Theatre, Dorfman Theatre, 2022)

JOSHUA (AND ME) by Rachel Hammond (Hope Theatre, Pleasance Islington, Edinburgh Fringe, UK tour, 2022)

I AND YOU by Lauren Gunderson (Burning Coal Theatre Company, Raleigh NC, 2021)

TESTAMENT by Tristan Bernays (Via Brooklyn, Filmed piece, 2020/21)

THE SNOW QUEEN by Tatty Hennessy (Brighton Open Air Theatre, 2020)

MEAT by Gillian Greer (45North, Theatre 503, 2020)

SOMETHING AWFUL by Tatty Hennessy (Flux Theatre, VAULT Festival, 2020)

WHACK by Mark Weatherly (Here For Now, Knox Amphitheater, Stratford Ontario, 2019)

VESPERTILIO by Barry Mcstay (Fight and Hope, Dublin Fringe, 2019)

ANGUIS by Sheila Atim (Avalon & BBC Arts, Gilded Balloon Teviot Dining Room, Edinburgh Fringe, 2019)

PHOENIX by Richard Marsh, (Richard Marsh, Pleasance 10Dome, Edinburgh Fringe, 2019)

A HUNDRED WORDS FOR SNOW by Tatty Hennessy (RJG Productions, UK Tour/ Trafalgar Studios, 4 Offie nominations including Best Director and Best New Play, 2019)

VESPERTILIO by Barry Mcstay (Fight and Hope, VAULT Festival. Winner – Best Show of the Week, 2019)

THE COLLECTION by Tristan Bernays (Via Brooklyn, Wallace Collection, 2018)

THE ONE by Vicky Jones (Here For Now, York Lane Collective, Stratford Ontario, 2018)

A HUNDRED WORDS FOR SNOW by Tatty Hennessy (RJG Productions, VAULT Festival, Winner – Origins Award for Outstanding New Work, 2018)

CAUSE by James Huntrods (Adam Line Productions, VAULT Festival, 2018)

SECONDBESTS by Richard Marsh (Work in Progress Rehearsed Reading, VAULT Festival, 2018)

OIL AND MATTER by Camilla Whitehill (Staged Reading as part of Damsel Develops, The Bunker Theatre, 2017)

A HUNDRED WORDS FOR SNOW by Tatty Hennessy (Rehearsed reading as part of the Old Red Lion Month of Readings, The Old Red Lion, 2017)

THE ENCHANTMENT by Victoria Benedictsson (Ducdame Ensemble, Here Arts Centre, New York, 2017)

TESTAMENT by Tristan Bernays (Old Sole, Vault Festival, winner – Best Show of the Week, 2017)

COV by Susie Sillett (Rooftop Sessions, The Old Red Lion, 2016)

POSH by Laura Wade, gender reversed rehearsed reading (Anonymous Is A Woman,The Judge’s Courtroom, 2016)

THE LOST ART OF LOST ART by James Hamilton, (Raspberry Tart, Edinburgh Fringe, 2016)

TAKEN IN MARRIAGE by Thomas Gay, (RoL’n Productions, Waterloo East, 2015)

BOOM by Peter Sinn Nachtrieb, (LAMDA Linbury Studio, UK Premiere, 2014)

ALBERTS BOY by James Graham, (Fight and Hope, Marlborough Theatre, Brighton, The Last Refuge, London, 2013)

RADIO by Al Smith, (Fight and Hope, The Albany, London, The Marlborough Theatre, Brighton, 2012)


IT’S NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL by Matilda Ibini (Untold Stories, RADA Studios, 2018)

ALL THESE MAYBES by Barry McStay (Bites and Scratches, Arcola Theatre, 2018)

GIVE A MAN A BIBLE by Afsaneh Grey; RICOCHET by Isley Lynn (Emerging Writers’ Group showcase, Bush Theatre, 2018)

ALOE ALOE by Camilla Whitehill (Fertility Fest, Bush Theatre & National Theatre Studio, 2018)

ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE IF YOU THINK ABOUT IT HARD ENOUGH by Cordelia O’Neill (A Night of Small Things, Old Red Lion, 2017)

DISTANT EARLY WARNING by Tatty Hennessy (The Miniaturists, Arcola, 2017)

SHY TORY by Camilla Whitehill, commissioned for IN RESPONSE TO… POLITICS (Theatre Renegade, The Other Palace Studio, 2017)

LAMB by Milly Thomas (States of Emergency, New Diorama Theatre, 2017)

THE VERTIGO ANGUSTIOR OF DOUGHMORE BEACH by John O’Donovan (The Miniaturists, Arcola, 2017)

BEAR by Tristan Bernays; ALOE ALOE by Camilla Whitehill; ROCKS by Nathan Wood (performed as a tryptich ANIMAL VEGETABLE MINERAL, Upstairs at the Arts Theatre, 2016)

ORLANDO IN ORLANDO by Tristan Bernays; HAEMOPHOBIA by Camilla Whitehill, both commissioned for IN RESPONSE TO… THE ORLANDO ATTACK (Theatre Renegade, St James Theatre Studio, 2016)

ROCKS by Nathan Wood, (The Miniaturists, Arcola, 2016)

ALOE ALOE by Camilla Whitehill, (The Miniaturists, Arcola, 2016), recently published by Nick Hern Books

1001 by Camilla Whitehill, (Courting Drama, Southwark Playhouse, 2016), recently published by Nick Hern Books.

LOVE IS ON OUR SIDE by Hassan Abdulrazzak, (Courting Drama, Southwark Playhouse, 2015)


MIDDLE by David Eldridge (National Theatre, Dorfman Theatre, Dir Polly Findlay, 2022)

ALICE’S ADVENTURES UNDERGROUND, Les Enfants Terribles’ Olivier Nominated immersive performance of Alice in Wonderland (The Vaults, Dir. Oli Lansley & James Seager, 2015)

JEKYLL AND HYDE, Sell A Door’s new adaptation of the novel by internationally renowned playwright Jo Clifford. (National tour, Dir. David Hutchinson, 2015)

LAMDA US INDUSTRY SHOWCASE, (Snapple Theatre, New York, Falcon Theatre, Los Angeles, Dir. Debbie Seymour, 2014)

NELL GWYNN by Jessica Swale, (LAMDA Linbury Studio, Dir. Raz Shaw, 2014)

RABBIT by Nina Rayne, (LAMDA @ Large: Pleasance, Dir. Lisa Spirling, 2014)

THE KITCHEN SINK by Tom Wells, (LAMDA Linbury Studio, Dir. Stephen Unwin, 2014)

SWEENEY TODD (LAMDA @ Large: POSK, Dir. Caroline Leslie, 2014)