MEAT, 2020

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Theatre503, London

“You’re tellin’ me that just because Fiach wears a blazer, cos he reads Joyce and listens to the fucking Smiths, that he hasn’t done stuff, worse stuff than me?”

When Max pays Ronan a visit at his restaurant in Dublin, he’s determined to prove to her how far he’s come, but she’s got something bigger to discuss. Over the course of one wine-soaked evening, old wounds are exposed and new truths uncovered. MEAT is a story of class, consent and how modern Ireland reckons with the transgressions buried in its past. How can one couple navigate their shared history when their memories don’t quite match up?

We were proud to be supported by Solace Women’s Aid. Solace support women and children in London to build safe lives and strong futures, free from domestic and sexual violence and abuse. 


★★★★The Stage, ★★★★ TimeOut, ★★★★★ London Living Large, ★★★★ London Theatre Reviews, ★★★★ London Pub Theatres, ★★★★ Spy in the Stalls, ★★★★ Theatre News

‘This is a tense, knotty, lean forward in your seat play … I savoured every morsel.’ Lyn Gardner, StageDoor
“Atkinson’s direction creates an intensity which leaves the audience reeling long after the show ends.” ★★★★ A Younger Theatre
“Atkinson adds touches that intrigue and distance the audience in equal measures, as she very carefully prepares for the disaster to come” ★★★★ The Reviews Hub

Written by Gillian Greer

Starring Sean Fox, India Mullen, and Elinor Lawless

Lighting design – Zia Bergin Holly

Sound Design – Annie May Fletcher

Set and Costume Design – Rachel Stone and Eleanor Bull

Intimacy/Movement Director – Adelaide Waldrop

Stage Manager – Bryony Byrne

Production Manager – Harry Fearnley-Brown

Assistant Director – Yusuf Niazi

Produced by Emily Carewe for 45North

Production Photography by Alex Brenner