RADIO, 2012

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The Albany, Deptford, London
The Marlborough, Brighton


“You don’t know where you’re going, till you know where you came from.”

Radio tells the story of Charlie Fairbanks, a young man born slap bang in the middle of things. The simplicity of the storytelling places international events within a very personal framework. Charlie’s coming of age parallels that of America; with the childish idealism of the 1950s, shattered by Kennedy’s assassination, leading to the difficult adolescence of the Vietnam War. Radio is a play about the tragic, funny and impossible dreams we sell ourselves, managing at once to be both entertaining and terrifically moving.

In the intimate surroundings of a studio theatre, with nothing but a wooden chair and some creative storytelling, Radio takes you to the moon and back.


Written by Al Smith

Starring Benedict Chambers

Produced by Fight and Hope


“Do you remember how you told me that dreams aren’t weightless things. You said they have a mass, as small as you like, but a mass nonetheless. You saw it in me.”