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The Other Palace Studio, London

“We have this night to speak out. Against a misogynist in power in America and a Vice President who doesn’t believe that he should have meetings alone with women. To a Prime Minister who says there’s no magic money tree and then finds a billion pounds to give to the DUP; an organisation that does not respect the LGBT community or women’s rights. That is what this response is for.” Artistic director of Ryan Forde Iosco

Featuring pieces created to directly respond to political events in both the UK and abroad, IN RESPONSE TO… POLITICS raised funds for Liberty, a charity promoting protection of civil liberties and promoting human rights.

Among the writers taking part in the evening  Georgia Fitch (Fit and Proper People), Hassan Abdulrazzak (The Propehet) and Camilla Whitehill (Where Do Little Birds Go). Directors includeD Rafaela Marcus, Lucy Atkinson and Nathan Crossan-Smith.

“Many countries, our own included, are seeing a huge shift in their political landscape. This evening will see the theatre community come together to respond and raise its voice in solidarity.”

I directed a piece specifically written for this event:

SHY TORY by Camilla Whitehill

Starring Tama Phethean, Florence Odumosu, and Hannah Sinclair-Robinson.