ANGUIS, 2019

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Gilded Balloon Dining Room, Edinburgh Fringe

Cleopatra’s death by asp is a common myth, largely scientifically disproven. Set in a broadcast recording center, Anguis is an imagined conversation between the great pharaoh Cleopatra and a contemporary immunologist. Join us in the studio as we unpack Cleopatra’s story, exploring alternatives to the fetishised popular truth.

A story exploring our responsibility to seek the truth in a post-truth era. This debut piece from Olivier Award winner Sheila Atim featured original music. Commissioned by Avalon and BBC Arts.

Written by Sheila Atim

Starring Janet Kumah, Peter Losasso and Paksie Vernon

Sound Design by Anna Clock

Lighting Design by Dan Saggars

Set Design by Bex Kemp

Stage Managed by Sophie Duffin

Produced by Avalon Theatre and BBC Arts