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Chiswick Playhouse, London

A tale of magic, mischief, houses made of sweets and other sustainable food sources.

‘Once there was a brother and sister, and they lived by a motorway that curled around the city like a wall. Few people strayed beyond this barrier for beyond was a forest of silver trees and silence that their stepmother called, The Forest of the Dead…’

So begins Chiswick Playhouse’s irresistible production of Hansel and Gretel. This children’s adventure will take the audience far from their city life, their Xboxes and Insta likes, into a world of lollipop houses, tap-dancing cockroaches and a witch with a penchant for single use plastic and the only remaining sustainable food source: children.

Music, puppetry and escapades for all the family to enjoy. Ages 6+.

Tickets available here

Performances Dec 4th – Jan 4th. Performance times vary.

Written by Orlando Wells

Music by Leon Parris

Lighting Design by Zia Bergin-Holly

Sound Design by Annie May Fletcher

Set Design by Cory Shipp

Produced by Chiswick Playhouse Productions